BOPP Film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)
Used in several different sectors of the packaging industry. Basic type of films supplied include Co-extruded and Monolayer Presentation.

1. Transparent: Used in Flexible Packaging of food such as crackers, candies, coffee and other snacks as well as in the packaging of products related to hygiene, such as soaps, in addition to adhesive tapes and cigarette packs.

2. White Opaque: Used in soft drinks and mineral water labels as well as on flexible food packaging, such as for popcorn and chocolate packages.

3. Metallized: Used into core packaging for products such as gift wraps, easter eggs, for some coffee, biscuits and other snacks packaging.

POLYESTER Film (Biaxially Oriented Polyester)
Used in several applications such as Printing and Lamination for flexible packaging, Labels, Cable Overwrapping, Audio tapes, Pressure sensitive tapes and Metallizing. Available range 9µ-50µ. Plain, Corona treated and chemically primed.

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